Downloading 100% working mods

  • Grand Theft Auto V: Prologue v0.1 APK + Mod [Remove ads] for Android
    Grand Theft Auto V Prologue Part V0.1 Grand Theft Auto V Prologue Part. Removed ads.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual v0.1 APK + Mod  for Android
    Grand Theft Auto V Prologue V0.1 GTA V APK Prologue part
  • Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime v5.8.1 APK + Mod [Unlimited money] for Android
    Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime v5.8.1c mod The number of gold coins, ammunition, skill points, and keys is unlimited!
    【Kind tips】
    1. Enter the game for the first time, please use the normal network to pass the Gameloft clause agreement, etc. (Do not wait for a long time before entering the age to accept it, otherwise the following situations will still occur), please do not use network tools and game accelerators, otherwise you cannot pass the Gameloft terms verification verification
    (Because of the network tools, the game data is loaded quickly. If there is unlimited currency, the title will pop up the title pop -up that will not pass the terms to verify the game and cannot enter the game).
    2. If you first enter the game with a network tool or game accelerator to enter the game direct title, please find this game to clean up all the data in the settings.
    Then follow the first step.
    3. Registration of real -name information: Names can be filled randomly, such as Zhang San, Li Si, the number of ID numbers and phone numbers must not be as much as possible (if there are still errors, please try a few times).
    Real -name information registration requires a network. After verification, it can be used to use network tools or game accelerators.
  • Need for Speed™ Most Wanted v1.3.128 APK + Mod [Unlimited money][Unlocked] for Android
    Need for Speed™ Most Wanted mod v1.3.128 (mod: a lot of money) A lot of money and SP, unlocked cars and race.
  • Bus Simulator Indonesia v3.7.1 APK + Mod [Unlimited money][Free purchase] for Android
    Bus Simulator Indonesia v3.7.1 mod 3.6.1 version update is modified as follows:
    1. Modify advertising for rewards.
    2. The driver's skin can be forced to buy and do not deduct money. Select the driver you want to use to click HIRE.
    3. The bus can be forced to buy money. You can switch to the garage after clicking Buy to buy it successfully.
    Note: The above -mentioned modification of the second and 3rd points will return the file at the second game, and you can only buy it every time you enter the game.
    【Skin location】
    1. Internal storage-Documeents folder, pull the skin picture to the DOCUMENTS, and then select the picture in the game!
    2. Click MOD-More MOD, the official website has a module, download the file game with the .bussidmod suffixes to recognize it. Move it to the Documents folder, select .bussidmod to import it!
  • NBA 2K20 v98.0.2 APK + Mod  for Android
    NBA 2K20 v98.0.2 mod Google market price of $ 5.99 the best games! 1, the game quality can be adjusted in the Home "navigation → Video settings" 2, if the game needs to remind the Google service can be ignored, the game can still operate normally 3, flash back solution: Go to that little will be time after the game loads a blank screen. Return, and then click to select 1V1 Thunder singled out Paul, the lens will not flash back into the 2k 4, the configuration of the game on the phone demanding [Recommended phone configuration CPU: Qualcomm 710 and memory to run 4G], lower than the phone this configuration, please also try on their own (the probability can not run \ flash back) 5, unconditional use gold would still be 0 even use! (1) the use of gold at: Enter brilliant career -> 2k Navigation -> Upgrade and shops -> Purchase action; (2) swept into the streets -> Shop 6, the domestic part of the overall screen phone is not officially supported, some optimization options can not be achieved (eg: no spectators in the stands, keys translation) on all equipment vendors need to wait for subsequent optimization
  • Toca Life: Hospital v1.2 APK + Mod  for Android
    Toca Life: Hospital Mod APK 1.2-play Enter "Toca life: the hospital" Experience busy medical center to stimulate people every day!
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